Trails Society: Work Continues on the Woodland Trail

Hello Merrickville Trails Society friends

Here is a message from Rod Fournier who is organizing an upgrade of the Woodlands Trail this summer. Our society has received funding from the Province and support from Council, which will allow us to upgrade the Woodland Trail by building steps over difficult areas and improving access to the trail.

All we need are volunteers for a work crew.Four people would be great. More would be even better.

Here is Rod’s message:

The first day to work on the trails will be this Wednesday June 12, 2013 starting at 10:00. There should be a few loads of quarter-minus gravel (stone dust) placed as conveniently as possible on the trail at the corner of Drummond and Julia. I am meeting with Dave Power of the town to have this there before that time.

The work program includes distribution, raking and smoothing of gravel, construction of wood steps and retaining walls, and filling with gravel behind the wood. A small front-end loader has not been arranged for but hopefully one will be available.

Tools that may be useful: shovel, wheelbarrow, garden rake, battery drill with 9/32″ bit, hammer, saw, 24″ level, tape measure, etc.

I do not know exactly how this will proceed so we will have to play it by ear and make the best of things.

Please reserve Wednesdays June 19 and 26 for further trails work.

Thank you,

Rod Fournier

PS please let Rod know if you can make it.

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