Trails Group Work Party Wednesday June 4th

The weather was perfect last Wednesday for working on the trail and Denis Faulkner and I made quite a bit of progress. One of the nice benefits of working in the woods for a couple of hours was getting a chance to notice some of the flora. In one section of the trail small columbines carpeted the verge and were on the the cusp of coming into bloom. There were some other modest bloomers in the shrubbery and ground cover that I couldn’t identify. The trail is worth walking at this time of year to appreciate them.

This week we need to continue clearing the woodland trail by going over the part without any gravel and clear back the verge. Once we have substantially completed this, Rod Fourneir and Fred Grodde will be  able to start work on spreading new gravel (probably starting from June 9 but more on that later)

I propose to show up on the trail tomorrow Wednesday June 4th at 10am with my clippers. If you walk up the trail from the school, once you pass all the beautiful new stairs take the right fork near the top of the trail and keep walking past the toboggan area until you find us.

If someone could bring a camera and an extra set of clippers that would be great.


John Mundy


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