Work Continues

With the help of Fred Grodde ( pictured below on his tractor) we were able to extend the gravel trail all the way to Toboggan Hill. Rod Fournier ( pictured below with his dog Gunner) has had a lot more gravel delivered and we will be continuing to extend the trail throughout the summer.

We are going to return to our Wednesday morning routine and this Wednesday we will be doing some clearing in the area beyond Toboggan Hill. Show up on the trail at about 10am and keep walking the loop until you find us.

Several volunteers came out over the past two weeks of intensive work including Denis Faulkner, Anne Tenner, Fred Grodde Rod Fournier and I am sure a couple of others.

Many thanks……..John

Fred on tractor

Fred on tractor

Rod and Gunner

Rod and Gunner

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