Almost Finished!

On May 10th 1869 Leland Stanford drove the Union Pacific’s last spike at Promontory Summit Utah Territory and united the United States.

On Nov 7th 1885 Donald Smith drove the CPR’s last spike at Craigellachie BC and united our own country

We will soon be doing the same on the Woodland trail. Last week Michel Perron and I laid another 40 meters of gravel and there is now only 20 metres to go before we link up the north and south ends of the loop.

Check out the picture. The northern ‘railhead’ is in the foreground. Michel is dropping gravel on the southern trail head.

Next week Michel will advise whether he will be available to move gravel with his tractor on Wednesday ( depends on his travel plans) . If he is available we will only need one other volunteer to rake. Unfortunately I will be away.

Make sure you take a picture!



Trails meeting

Only a few bucket loads of gravel to go!

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