Welcome to the walking trails in and around the historic village of Merrickville – ‘Jewel of the Rideau’. Enjoy a stroll through quiet streets and explore the architecture, heritage, and natural beauty of the village.  Walk a trail that loops through our natural and historical surroundings.  Glimpses of great blue herons, osprey, painted turtles, rustic stone and cedar fences, 100-year-old cedar forest, and a host of other marvels await your discovery.

Our current “Merrickville Recreational Trails” brochure can be accessed at the link directly below.

Merrickville Recreational Trails  Brochure 2023


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Bird Notes for Hikers”

Stew Hamill is a well-known Merrickville naturalist and has kindly agreed to share with us his experience and his suggestions for what birds we can look for as we get outside over the next few months. He will provide updated versions of his “Bird Notes for Hikers” every 1-2 weeks until the summer, so as to let us know which different birds are on the move through our area.  

Spring Flowers Notes for Hikers”

This an updated version from last year’s Spring Trails Walk from Burritt’s Rapids to the Stoney Steps. The best place to find these cheerful flowers is in wooded areas and under hedgerows. They are not always obvious at first, but if you look into the undergrowth

Nature Notes for Hikers”

Andrea Howard is preparing guides with other nature themes, and these will be posted as they are ready

View the Story Trail video on the Merrickville Public Library Videos web page